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Australian Vietnam Veterans Remember

At our 85 Transport Platoon Reunion in Albany WA last week, I was interviewed by the local TV news service. This is the item  that appeared on the news on the evening of our Vietnam Veterans Day Parade Albany TV News The address at the parade was given by our own Paul Asbury (Lt Col Retired). […]

My 85 Transport Platoon (Vietnam) Reunion 2017

It’s fifty years since 85 Transport Platoon was deployed from Australia to Vietnam. It operated as a front line transport unit supporting our task force from 1967 to 1972. Overall, about 450 men served in the unit, each for a period of around one year. I was posted to it from April 1969 to April […]

My Afternoon With the Friends of the 15th Brigade

Today is the day before ANZAC day when I will march with my mates with whom I served in Vietnam. It’s also Villers Bretonneux Day – the day commemorating the liberation of this little village on the WW1 Western Front in 1918. I have attended my second function held by a local organisation called ‘Friends […]

ANZAC Day 2016

I spent yesterday commemorating another ANZAC Day. I guess that by now, my international friends will understand that ANZAC is the iconic reference to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It is the name given to the organisation in which troops from both countries were first organised at Gallipoli in WW1 (101 years ago) […]

New Zealand WW1 Centenary Trails

I’m feeling a little pleased with myself after a WW1 Centenary Project Team working for the New Zealand Government saw one of my images and asked for my permission to use it in their project materials. It is displayed on their website and on printed banners (to be placed in libraries and schools around the […]

85 Transport Platoon Reunion 2015

I have just returned from a wonderful time with old mates at a reunion of 85 Transport Platoon, the Army unit in which I served in Vietnam. The unit was formed in 1966 specifically for assignment to Vietnam and was the first new unit in the Australian Army formed specifically for combat duties since WW2. […]

Follow The Flag

The National Gallery of Victoria is currently showing around 150 works of art, created by Australian artists that show Australia’s life at war. This exhibition is part of the commemoration of the centenary of Gallipoli and titled ‘Follow the Flag: Australian Artists at War 1914–45’. These works are displayed in five separate gallery rooms and show […]

A Concert by the Glenn Miller Orchestra

Whilst there are a few things that the City of Melbourne could do better, there are some things that we have that are outstanding. One is the National Gallery which is a world class art museum (and the reason why we are fortunate to host so many superb international visiting exhibitions). The other is our […]