A Hidden Treasure in Bruges

We checked out of our hotel in Bruges this morning, but not before we explored the basement where some ruins of an old church and artists from the original City walls can be seen.

The former site of St Donatian’s is now occupied by the Hotel. The foundations of the cathedral were uncovered in 1955.

it was the largest church in Bruges. The cathedral was destroyed in 1799[1] in the wake of the dissolution of the Diocese of Bruges during the aftermath of the French Revolution.

St Donatian’s Church (Dutch: Sint-Donaaskerk) was built by in 950. in order to house the relics of Saint Donation. that had been brought to Bruges in c. 870 AD by monks from Torhout The church was built in the Romanesque architectural style. There was an octagonal main building, with a tower and a sixteen-sided ambulatoryThe building stood on the Burg square, across from the Stadhuis (city hall).

St Donatian’s Church became a cathedral following the installation of the first Bishop of Bruges in 1562. It lookswas destroyed in 1799 by occupying forces of the French First Republic.

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  1. What a fascinating piece of history. I wonder what parts of Melbourne may be similarly found 2000 years from now? Will the bulldozers or their equivalent ensure that nothing remains of the past for future generations to discover?

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