Albany Seascapes

I had some free time while I attending the 85 Transport Platon Reunion in Albany last week so I was able to visit a few of the local picturesque beaches and bays. Thanks to Trish Routley for her company. These are some of the images I created at these spectacular places

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Sunset at The Gap, Albany

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Albany and Princess Royal Harbour

P8180707 HDR

Sunset at Two People’s Bay

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Sunset at Two People’s Bay


Greens Pool, William Bay National Park


Elephant Rocks, Williams Bay National Park


Little’s Beach, Walpole


Little’s Beach, Walpole

8 thoughts on “Albany Seascapes

  1. Yes, it was at Greens Pool. My shoulder is getting a bit better now after a couple of visits to the Physio. I have much more movement and it is less sore.

  2. Love the detail on the rocks at two peoples’ bay. The sunsets are true winter

  3. What lovely photos Bruce. Particularly like the ones of Green Pool and Elephant Rocks. The one with the sun going down is also beautiful.

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