Surf’s Up Again

The surf was up again at Margaret River and the Surf Carnival is back in process. The semi finals were being conducted near Surfers Point and the locals were out at the other beaches  along the coast. This area has powerful and challenging waves for experienced surfers and is regarded as a world class surfing destination. It’s been popular among the surfing fraternity around the world for many years. 

I took this photo from the top of the sand dunes. It gave me an opportunity to try out my long lens.

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Each area of the world has some form of unique vegetation. In this area of South Western Australia, the Grass Tree or Xanthorrhoea is very common. We used to call them ‘Blackboys’ as the tall ones with a black trunk vaguely resembled an Aborigine standing on one leg holding a spear. Now that we are more politically correct, we call them ‘Grass Trees’.

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From my research, these plants were very important to the Aboriginal people. The flowering spike made a perfect fishing spear. When soaked in water, the nectar separates from the flowers and gives a sweet-tasting drink. In the bush the flowers could reveal directions, since flowers on the warmer, sunnier side – usually north – of the spike often open before the flowers on the cooler side facing away from the sun. The resin from Grass Trees can be used in spear-making and is an invaluable adhesive for Aboriginal people. It appears that it was frequently used to patch up leaky coolamons (water containers) and even didgeridoos. The dried flower stalk scape was also used to generate fire by the hand drill friction method.

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  1. Not tempted to try the waves yourself Bruce? Good action photo. Seems as though you are having a nice rest full sojourn in Margaret River. Have a lovely time with David and family.

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